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Adobe Acrobat reader 3.0 Arachnophillia 2.1excellent HTML editor w/user-defined toolbars, file uploading, more -- rated 5 cows by TUCOWS
AtomTime 95sets your computer's clock to the atomic clock in Boulder, CO
Automate Proffesional 3.5g
Captrue 1.0finally a nice freeware screen capture utility!
Clock Tick 2.1.2
Command Line95 1.1
Cool Edit 96
Desk Toolbutton-bar launch pad
Dos Explorer 1.1
Dialing Scripter
Dunce automates your Internet connection
ESS-Code 7.5
Exchange Internet Idioms
Free Agent v1.1newsgroup reader
Free Fonts
FTP Icon connection 2.5
Hard Disk Sleeper 1.42
Hide it 1.1
HiJaak Morph
Hot corners 1.2
HyperSnap 2.66

Info Centralinformation manager from Corel
Irfan View 32graphics viewer, many formats
Kernel Toys
Launchpad 2.0
Lview Pro Home page graphics viewer, does transparent GIFs, free for home use
MapThis! Homepage creates image maps for Web pages
Microsoft GIF Animator for Windows 95 creates animated GIFs
Microsoft Powertoys set of Windows 95 enhancements from MS
Microsoft RegClean checks your registry for errors
Nail IT Makes windows "always on top"
New Mail automatically checks your e-mail box for new mail
Note it 2.2 sticky notes applet with built-in calculator
Notespad Text Editor with many features
Pad 1.0 simple sticky notes applet w/"stay on top"
pegasus mail Email client
Perfect Screens 2.1
Picture Sucker Home Page automatically download picture from your favorite newsgroup
Plug-In 2.60
Search and Replace 2.6
Snag It
Start Clean
Tray Icon
Virus Scan for Win95
Visual Day planner
Windows 95 service pack
Windows task lock
WinEdit 96v
WinGo 1.5
Win Image

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