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Adventures of the Supertones

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Well I'm ugly as sin, that is to say I'm not good lookin
But I can bust some ska, in fact the rhythm rhyme is cookin
Brighten up your soul and loosen up your brain
Make my heart beat all fast like the girl from plain Jane
Now please allow me to proceed and bust my rude boy flow
On the underground scene at the underground show
Grownups, kids, and in-betweens I guess it takes all kinds
Cuz I guess we got true love, my blood, my blood true love is
One purpose is to worship and make the body strong
I don't care about your haircut, can't we all just get along?
Not just get along, but really love and care
If your eyes are on the Lord you can't see nobody's hair

Adonai, Adonai

Well I don't claim to be a rhyming apparatus
I don't want to be a gangster, I don't want to be the baddest
ain't no Al Pacino and I ain't no Al Capone
I'm just a rude boy with a new toy
Add two speakers and a microphone
So listen up, listen up and make sure that you can hear me
I'm your brother and I'm your friend some come and get near me
I'm a sinner like all of you don't make me into an idol
I'm a preacher, I'm a saint, and I'm a sinner, guess I fit the titles
Gotta keep a humble heart, because my good is not enough
Jehovah Jireh gotta give the glory up up up
To Y'shua me salvitore
Gotta give you all the glory God, I give you all my fears
God I give you all my years
You're my God and I will bow, I show all the proud people how
You're my God and I will bow, in fact, I think I'll bow right now

Adonai, Adonai

Who Can Be Against Me

It seems like everything I touch just falls to pieces
It seems like everyone I help just falls
And how I need someone to make me feel assured
I don't need anyone if you're on my side Lord

And I say, hey, who can be against me?

No matter how hard I try I always fall
I'll never be like Christ
I know I'll struggle to the day, the very day I die
And how I need someone to make me feel assured
I don't need anyone if you're on my side Lord

And I say, hey, who can be against me?

God look at me I'm just a man
But you tell me I'm not just a man
You're so hard to understand, after all I'm just man
God you tell me not to doubt
But I'm always plagued by doubt
And you always help me out
I'm so ashamed (of my doubt)


Skankin' to the beat with the Supertones

Killin' ourselves faster than fast
Livin' in the future, livin' in the past
I haven't always been in Christ
I know what you're going through, man
A couple of years ago I was just like you
Lookin for answers, lookin to myself
Thinkin that Christians just love Jesus for their health

But I didn't know about Jesus
I tried to be like God, but when I tried I failed
And every time I fail, and fail
I know I rail a nail straight into the cross of Jesus
Straight into the wrist of Jesus
And now it's 1996, a hard year to be a Godly man
It seems the more I speak the Word, the less they understand
You gotta know about Jesus

Never Wanna Fall

I know that old life I loved my booze
Then God said "boy, you gotta choose"
I chose God's way and here I am today
I'm in Christ and He's in me

Don't let me fall down
Never wanna fall, never wanna fall
Fall down

God don't let me fall down


I never felt like this
I never seen the light shine so bright

Never been the same, never been the same no

I have no other gods
There are no other gods
Jehovah nicci, LORD over my victory


There's no tears in my eyes today
I've only got good things to say
The Son has chased away the clouds of gray
I'm going to heaven and I'm going to stay
All smiles there, no trial there
No fears there, no years there

I'm going to heaven
we're going to heaven
Our tickets are all paid to heaven that God made
Say goodbye to blue Monday, no pain on Sunday

I don't need no women or wine
When I got heaven on my mind
Be so far above cloud nine
You and me and God till the end of time
All smiles there, no trial there
No fears there, no years there

He Will Always Be There

Who am I that You would pay me mind?
Who am I that You would take the time to find me?
Who am I that You'd reach out you're hand?
Lord what am I but just a sinful sinking man?
I didn't even know who God was, Until He told me He's my Dad

And it's just because he loved me
And He'd rather die than live without me
He love me and He'd rather go through hell
Than to go to heaven without me
And I love Him and I'll stay with him until the end of time
One thing I know God gave His life for mine
He will always be, He will always be,
He will always be there

Who am I that You'd know my name?
Who am I that You'd help me win this losing game?
Who am I that You'd stay all day by my side?
God I fail but at least You know I tried
I didn't even know who He was
then God told me I'm His son

I count on God, I love him best
He helps me through my trials and tests
He will always be there when I call
Always catch me when I fall
He will always be there


When I hate me and they hate me
He has love me. He'll always love me
He'll let me exalt him, let me exalt Him
Let me exalt him, oh Lord

It doesn't mean I won't be scared anymore,
Doesn't mean I won't have doubt anymore,
Doesn't mean I won't have fear anymore,
Doesn't mean I won't have heartache no more,
I'm alive, so alive

God from forever, until forever
You are God, You are God, You are God, You are my God,
Let me exalt you, let me exalt you, let me exalt you oh Lord


hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey

Paul was walking on the road to Damascus
A big bright light and the Lord came and asked him
Darkness to light, come follow me
And after he was blinded, he could finally see
I once was lost til' the Lord came in
He captured my heart and took away my sin
And now I'm living for Jesus cuz' of all He's done
God gave mercy through His only Son

And then He found me

O.C. Supertones

We ain't got no place to go
Let's go to the rudeboy show
I wanna hear them play it rude
Gonna pop some rudeboy attitude

You I get up when I hear and then He found me
You know I'm safe and sound with my rudeboyz all around me
Well The Supertones are up, we gonna kick it to the burbs
And our purpose is to server in case you hadn't heard
Father, Son, Spirit, hear it, near it, fear it,
Father, son and holy spirit
God's alive and He's here right now, here right now

That's just life down in Southern California
That's just life in Orange County California

Well if you used to be a Christian then you never was
Just sittin' up in church and sayin' what a Christian does
The world's got the gun, but the devil's got the trigger
Stand strong with Faith, deeper than a t-shirt or a sticker
You probably ask yourself, how'd this Jew get so crazy?
Came from kickin' mad knowledge, didn't come from being lazy
We got the rhythm and the rhythms got roots
I'm a crazy little Hebrew on stage wearin' monkey boots
I love to be onstage and sing bimskalabimmin
I love to be out in the crowd a skankin' and a swimmin'
King David, my great grandfather, was a dancer
king Solomon, my great grandfather, was a romancer

Jesse came from Jesse, but Jesse came from Jesus
Now come to Lord Jesus cuz Lord Jesus frees us

I Love God

Gotta give me something that will last
Someone that won't judge my past
Give me a future that is bright
Open my eyes up to the light
I love God and God loves me
He sets the chosen people free, today
He is the way the truth and light
He is the I'll say I'm right
He gives me hope he gives me peace
His grace and love will never cease

Blood Washed Pilgrim

I saw a blood washed pilgrim, a sinner saved by grace
Up on the King's great highway, with peaceful shining face
Temptations score beset him, but nothing could a fright
He said the yoke is easy, the burden it is light

Psalms of victory, crowns of glory
psalms of victory I shall wear

I saw him in the furnace, he neither doubted or feared
And in the flames beside him, the Son of God appeared
Though seven times it was heated, with all the tempters' might
He said the yolk is easy, the burden it is light

I saw him overcoming, through all the swelling strife
I saw him cross the threshold of God's eternal life
The crown, the throne, the scepter, the name
The stone so white for those who are found in Jesus
The burden it is light


Supertones strike back
Just like Leia's father
You hit, we hit back harder
Like Huss and Stephen, I am not afraid to be a martyr
California sun and sky
Slip inside a suit and tie
Chevy rolls up to the house with everybody outside
Gonna get down like we did the day before
Fifty more people be waitin' at the door
Team against team, let's even the score
If there's fifty people outside
We got room for fifty more
And we're moovin' all smooth and when we get groovin'
We're fresh like salsa and we're fat like juben
You're cranium's cracked from my shaolin attack
Protect your neck, Supertones strike back

We want this small band to be a big love letter
So we play the ska and it makes us feel better
God's got love for us, so we got love for you
It's your life so what you want to do?

So come on put a glide in you stride, and a dip in yo hip
Best back the heck up, cuz' hip-hop rolls from my lips
I spit when I rap, saliva flies when I sing
God gives me gifts, just look at my ring
Look less at me and look more to Christ
Grace has saved me and His grace will suffice
So I jump for Jesus, it's Jesus who frees us
Let's get dumb like Beavis, I don't care who sees us

When we hop to hip-hop John Bell gets ill props
You know he can rock socks
Give out love from his soapbox
With hip-hop nonstop, hippidie, hippde, hop
First I can rock them socks, then I can knock your block
You can't stop this, you can't clock this
You can't dis this, so please don't miss this miss
A van and a road map, keep my life in my backpack
Comin' through your town, Supertones strike back!


Soul, what's wrong
Why are you troubled here within me?
Deep inside my heart, my soul what's wrong?
So my God I do not see why you forgive me
Do you need me am I wise am I strong?
So why

Why do You even love me? Why do You even care?
Why should You think of me?
Oh my God, I'll never know it's
Unconditional love, the grace flood

Take my hand and lead me further up within here
Deep within Your heart, within Your soul
On my knees as I crawl steady up the incline
The glory of Your face and I can't stand


I've meant to do this for some time
I've gotta get it right this time
This time my God I will be yours
All my heart, my soul, and mind
Been so long since I truly smiled
But you touched my heart today
Reached through my mind of mud and mire
Consumed the idols in Your way
So I am brand new today I make my resolution

Been down so long that if feels like up
I took it now I've had enough
If the life that I've been living
It feels so cold this far away
So today I will make a change
I will make a change today
Purge my mind of mud and mire
Cast all my gods away
I am brand new today, I make my resolution

Looking back the way I used to be
It was just me and God
Can I be there again?
Today I make my resolution


Let me drown in an ocean of devotion
Let my joy be in service and love my emotion
Let me be closer than your right hand
Tighter than your left hand and let me be a Godly man
Till the day I die, till the fire's just smoke
I will go for broke till my last word's spoke
If I limp then I will run with a limp
I'll win some and lose some, but I'll make my attempt

Last breath before the candle flickers out
I will speak the name of Jesus

I will keep fighting to the knockout, even if I'm knocked
out Hitting hard, I'm hittin' for the belt
My soul will keep going 'till my body buckles
I will drop my bloody knuckles
Carry us to Heaven by the truckfulls
I will me as stubborn as a pitbull
Neutral as a Nazi, resolute like Ghandi
I will keep preaching 'till I'm took out
Till I'm in Heaven en route
No sell out!


This is a time for us to demonstrate out appreciation
Amazing grace and sweet salvation
I can't pay you back, my Lord, so I won't even try
I will give you I and I
You know when I'm standing up and when I'm falling down
Amazing grace, how sweet the sound
And You know if I'm hungry, tired, or feeling kind of low
Why you care, I just don't know

I cast all my life and all my cares
And everything on You
He cares for you like no one else

This is a time for us to celebrate out emancipation
Voices ring across the nations
There will never be another there has always been
Helpless and You took us in
Because of Jesus Christ, we know salvation is secure
I don't worry anymore
Who can give you council, Lord?
Who can search your mind?
You're before me and behind

Every time I shed a tear it matters, it matters
Every time I'm cold with fear, it matters, it matters, when I got a
broken heart, it matters, it matters
Every time I fall apart, it matters, it matters
When I think I'm all alone, on the road or when at home
Every time I have to sneeze, every single breath I breath
When I'm in the dentist chair, it matters, it matters
Anywhere and everywhere it matters, it matters


I know I'm just another Judas, kiss Your face
W hile I drive the nail in Your hand
I know I'm just another Thomas, won't believe
Until I feel the hole in Your hand
Then I will say, my God, I see not what You see
My God, what do You see in me?
My God, crowned in glory
The Lamb of God is worthy

My sin yells, crucify, louder than the mob that day
My sin yells, crucify, louder than any mouth


Bring it!
Live and undrugged six years and countin'
Believer in Christ, yes, yes, the Blessed Fountain
Apologetic warrior, chalk one up for the visitors
Casting fiercesome light into the shadows of midnight
To the underground we descend
With our whole generation to defend
Gotta whole army on my case, got the devil in my face
Cuz that punk knows when's the end

Unite, ignite and spark a light to burn so bright
The sight will blind the blind of this our modern time

Oh yeah, I got a beef with the fence-sitters
Tiers among the wheat, the cop-outs, the quitters
Cut from the branch fruitless, no good
Only one use and that's firewood
Pay no mind to the generation line
Forsake your sect and be color blind
The problem's not Hollywood, the problem's not Washington
The problem's a weak divided church of schizmed Christians

Never going back to the darkness I was damned in
Now I turn my back on the place that I was found in
Flick a match on Babylon, burn baby burn
Raized my mind for all this time and now it's your turn
Got enough gasoline and plenty o' matches
Finally I'm free and I shake off the ashes
From the city of refuse, I refuse to pay dues
To You, not me, and none of the free and the few.


Religious fanatic, that's what they say
True, I may be on the brink
I hear them yell at us, shut up and play
Well, who asked what you think?
No time for mediocrity, convenience, or practicality

He went all out for us, say what you will
I'll answer to my God

I'm a freak, they say I've lost my mind
But I know, I've never seen so clearly
When I speak, they say we've gone too far this time
Which lets me know that I have not gone nearly

Bible thumpin' reactionist
And I'm proud to bear the name
Take out music, take away our lives
Jesus still remains
I wonder what will people think
When they hear that I'm a Jesus freak


I can feel the old earth shake tonight
Mother earth feels labor aches tonight
I can feel the old world passing
I can hear the whole world crashing down tonight

And if I die here tonight, I know my soul is with You
I'm sure about the promises You've made

Surely then I will be judged tonight
Surely I'm a little scared tonight
Surely now the sheep and goats are split upon the
Threshing floor tonight

Lord, You are my only good, I will hold to You
Should the fires of hell sear and sing me
Yes, You are my only protector
I will hold to the fold of Your robe
Should the Devil himself come to claim me


Pick it up!

Keep both my eyes transfixed on the prize
A high-rise under blue skies my piece of the pie
There's a hole in my heart that I know how to fill
That's to light my cigarettes with a hundred dollar bill
It's all about cashflow the California dream
To make the grade you gotta make the green
My friend I'm the champion I've no time for losers
Never ask for nothing 'cause beggars can't be choosers

Lookin' out for number one's a full time occupation
I'll give to me, myself, and I my own salvation
Some people try to tell me God can save me from my sin
God can take a number and I'll pencil Him in
Busy o' so busy got no time to search
My Sunday's are all booked I got no time for church
That's for those poor souls dry as a stone
God bless this child 'cause this child's got his own

Oh let my pride fall down I'm a little man

He who gets the most toys and dies is the winner
I'm livin' the high life with lobster tail dinners
My Lexus, my yacht, my gold chains and rings
There are a few of my favorite things
But most of all I keep my billfold the closest to my heart
House decorated with million dollar works of art
Roll with bigwigs they think I'm the man
But then I stop and look and think about how big I really

Mammon is an unforgiving god so I cast him away
I live my life to God, not to get paid
Money can never save soul and I don't think I can
I look to God and I feel a little man




Woke up this morning
And I just had to thank God for my life
Just read through James' book
Start to pray and ask God for a wife
It's a time of devotion
As I sit and speak to my God unseen
Why should He listen?
Well I love Him and He's in love with me

Why me God why should you choose me?
On Your team God can you use even me?

I think a few years back
On a road that headed to nowhere
Now that You found me
I can see how You were always there
So great the salvation
But to You, my Jesus, what am I worth?
It's quiet times like this
I feel I get a glimpse of Heaven here on Earth

Oh, hold me in Your arms of love
Sometimes I swear I feel Your heartbeat
I could never ever thank You enough
But here's my life for what ever it's worth

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